Which cities have the best life expectancy?

A new study has found that cities with the best lives can expect to be better off for life expectancy in the future.

Researchers looked at the average life spans of different cities around the world, and then compared them to each other.

They also looked at how life expectancy changes for each city based on a number of different factors, such as poverty, population, crime, pollution and social and economic status.

The study, conducted by the World Bank, also looked into the impact of climate change and the economic impact of the world’s most populous country, which has more than 3.2 billion people.

According to the study, the U.S. was found to have the highest average life span in the world by far, with an average life of 93.8 years.

This means that a city with an area of 1.4 square kilometers has an average of 92.4 years.

The U.K. was next, with a life expectancy of 85.9 years, followed by Japan, Australia and Canada, which all have an average lifespan of 78.9.

The United States came in at number four with an 85.3 life expectancy, followed closely by China, the Philippines and India.

The average life-expectancy in the U of A and the U and W came in last place, with the U., U.W. and U. of A. living at 79.9 and 76.7 years, respectively.

The World Bank says that the U was one of the best places in the study to live, as it has the highest standard of living in the United States.

It is also one of America’s largest cities.

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