Why ‘celebrating life with girls’ is so important

A group of high school girls in Indiana are making a point of living life with the girls they love and are celebrating the way life with them.

The girls are not wearing any makeup, and they are not in uniform and they’re not wearing anything that’s out of place, such as dresses or skirts, according to their parents.

They’re just living life in their own way, said Melissa Lasky, the principal of East Central High School in East Chicago, Indiana.

“I think that’s so important because the girls have to have their own space and I think they’ve got to have space to themselves and they’ve just got to be able to say, ‘I am a girl,'” she said. 

The girls have been inspired by the idea of “celebratory life with women,” which Laskie started in her school, she said, and the students are now doing it on their own.

“It’s about how you celebrate the life you have,” she said of the girls who are celebrating life with each other.

Lasky said the girls are also getting help from their parents, who have been sharing their experience. 

“We have a group of parents that have shared their stories and they have really been supportive,” she added.

One girl said her mother was concerned about how she was going to react to her daughter saying she was a girl, but she reassured her.

“We’re just here to make life better for them,” she told ABC News.

While Laskys work to get the girls back to a place where they are able to be their authentic selves, she is hopeful that other schools and communities will see the benefit of celebrating life and celebrating life as a woman.

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