How to teach your children to read more

The research was done by a team led by Prof. Anastasia Shcherbakova, a researcher at the School of Education and the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of St. Andrews, and was published in the journal Computers in Human Behavior.

The research involved a survey of 5,400 people, who were asked questions on their reading skills and how well they read.

They were asked to rate how much they liked to read and how much their children could read.

They were also asked about the reading skills of their children.

In a typical day, the researchers said, children are taught to read by looking at a list of words, using pictures or stories and playing with toys.

This process can be quite difficult for children with poor reading skills, and they can often become frustrated, depressed and feel bored.

“For children with learning difficulties, this may be particularly problematic,” Prof. Shcherbskova said.

“Children who are less than fluent in language will not be able to read, but will find it hard to learn how to read properly.”

The difficulty may even outweigh the benefits for the child, because they may find it difficult to learn new words and new ways of learning, as well as find time for play.

“The research team said they hope the results will be useful to parents, teachers and children who have been reading with a child with learning problems.

They said: “We found that children with lower reading skills have lower levels of enthusiasm for reading.

However, there is evidence that children who score high on enthusiasm for learning are more likely to read well and, as adults, they are less likely to develop ADHD, anxiety and other problems.

“The study found that the more enthusiasm a child had for reading, the more likely they were to be able read at a high level.

Prof. Shchersbakets study found the reading test was an accurate predictor of how well children are able to perform in reading, and that parents should use the test in their child’s education.”

Children who scored highly on enthusiasm should be given the opportunity to learn and read, and parents should be encouraged to use it to encourage their children to learn,” she said.