The Cat Life in 2018

Cat life expectancy was up in 2018, to 63.9 years.

According to the latest data, life expectancy has risen by 6 years in the past five years, and it’s projected to climb to 66.5 years by 2060.

Read more on our 2018 Cat Life Expectancy page.

The biggest cat-related news is that there were 10 million fewer cat deaths in 2018 compared to 2017.

This comes as a surprise, but the reason is clear: a lot of the deaths are due to the cat-human relationship, and in some cases, that relationship leads to a loss of life.

This is the reason that cat owners have been known to be very protective of their pets.

This, however, has led to an increase in euthanasia and euthanasia of cats.

We hope that this is not a trend that we see across the entire industry, as a number of factors, such as poor living conditions and the availability of veterinary care, could prevent a positive effect of the cat.

The cat owner is a major reason that the numbers of cats dying are so high, with some estimates putting the number of cats in the UK at 2.8 million.

So what is a cat life?

Cat life can vary in different countries, depending on how close one is to the home.

In the UK, cat owners generally spend more time with their pets than people do, and so the cat has more opportunities to interact with people.

However, cats are also highly social animals, which means that there is a lot that people can do to keep their cats happy and well-adjusted.

Cat owners often adopt cats from shelters or animal welfare groups, and are often very vocal about the welfare of their animals.

It’s important to note that these organisations are not necessarily ethical or responsible.

Some of the cats that come into rescue centres are abandoned, or otherwise abused by humans.

There are also cats that live in pet shops, but are not adopted.

Cat-related crime In 2018, there were 8,800 crimes related to cats in Britain, a decline of 9% on the previous year.

In 2018 there were 6,500 cat-based crimes, an increase of 7%.

These figures are not great, but they’re still very good.

However the number is still very low compared to other countries.

There were 10,800 cases of cat-caused cat attacks in the United Kingdom, which is down 8% on 2017.

However in 2018 there was 8,400 incidents of cat abuse in the U.K., which is also down 8%.

However, the biggest threat to the future of the UK cat population comes from the rise of grey cats, which are being bred for meat and used in the meat trade.

This could see a rise in cat-like creatures that we are likely to see in our future.

Read More: What to do if you see a cat in trouble There is a growing number of people looking for cats in rescue centres, which helps to put an end to this.

However not everyone has a cat-loving family member, or if they do, they tend to have a history of having cats in their homes.

This means that if you spot a cat that you think might have a problem, it’s important that you speak to the owner.

If the owner can’t be contacted, you can call the police and report it to them.

But if they are unable to contact the animal, they can contact the National Cat Protection Service, which provides free cat adoption advice and information to people who are concerned about their pet.

They can also make a report to the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra).

The NSPCA is also available for those who are in a position to help.

If you have any concerns, you should speak to your local animal welfare officer.

There’s a huge amount of information available about the cat world online, so the best way to check if a cat is suitable for you is to speak to someone who knows more about the animal.

Read our cat life guide for more information.

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