You Can Live a Life of Hope and Faith

It is a mantra that every person on this planet can adopt, and that includes those who are currently living in poverty.

But, as a recent article in The New York Times illustrates, this belief is highly misleading.

In the words of the Times’ editorial board, the notion that those living in extreme poverty can choose to “live a life of hope and faith” is “false and damaging to the many millions of people who live in poverty.”

The article explains that while it is true that “some people choose to live lives of faith and love,” these are not the choices of “every single person.”

It also explains that, while many people are “very happy” with their lives and that they feel they have a lot to contribute, many of these people are also “quite happy” living in situations of poverty.

As the Times points out, “there is no such thing as ‘living a life without suffering.’

People live in extreme conditions for a reason.”

The article goes on to write that while some may find it difficult to see this, the fact is, “many people choose not to be part of the tragedy that is our world.”