All of us need to talk to each other – RTE

The new RTE shows an exclusive interview with a man who was one of the first to speak out in support of the transgender community. 

The interview takes place on the day of the National Transgender Discrimination Survey (NTDS), which is the official report into the trans community’s experiences and experiences of discrimination. 

It’s a rare chance to speak to a man about his life, as he has come out as transgender before and spoke to us before. 

We spoke to him about how his life has changed and what the future might hold. 

First, I’m very honoured to be asked to speak about my life, and I can’t wait to share my story with you. 

What is the significance of the NTDS survey? 

It is a comprehensive survey of people’s experiences of trans issues. 

People have been coming forward for years to talk about their experiences of violence and discrimination, and the NTD is a really important tool in helping people understand that they are not alone. 

I’ve never been bullied as a child and never experienced anything like this. 

You will hear from people who are struggling to live their lives as they want to, who are dealing with the health challenges that come with transitioning, and you will hear about people who have been the victims of homophobic and transphobic attacks. 

Transgender people face a range of discrimination, from discrimination in housing and employment, to discrimination in employment, and discrimination in education. 

Many trans people face issues in the workplace, in housing, in the health and social care systems, and in schools, which all come together to create a society where transgender people are accepted and supported. 

For some, their lives are going to change forever. 

Are you still part of the trans movement? 

I’m proud to be part of a movement that has seen a lot of progress over the past 30 years. 

In fact, in some ways I feel like it’s been 30 years since the day I came out. 

That’s why I’m so happy to be here today, and to have the chance to talk with you about what it’s like being transgender in today’s society. 

Why did you become a transgender man? 

The reason I decided to become a trans man was because I had always wanted to be one. 

My dad was a very active, strong and powerful man who taught me about masculinity, and he always said that it was about taking care of yourself. 

As a young child I always wanted the world to know that I was a man. 

When I was 14 I came to terms with my sexuality and began living a life that reflected it. 

At the same time, I began to accept my body. 

So I became a transgender. 

Where do you live now? 

Well, I live in Dublin, Ireland. 

Can you tell me a little bit about your life? 

My life is pretty normal. 

 How did you come to be transgender? 

That was a big part of it.

My parents were gay and my dad was an alcoholic. 

He was a gay man, and as a teenager I was having lots of sex and partying. 

One night, he went out for a drink and ended up in the bathroom with a group of guys. 

They told him he couldn’t have sex with them, but they would make it up to him in the next room. 

Then they started saying all kinds of homophobic stuff, and eventually they got so angry that they attacked him. 

How long did it take for you to come out? 

Around six months. 

Who inspired you to become transgender? 

 My first inspiration came from my dad. 

His first book was called “Love Is Love” and it was a book about gay people. 

And he had this big book of love stories, and one of them was about a man called George. 

George was this strong, good-looking, strong man who had this great relationship with his mother. 

After his mother died, he was sent to live with my family, so he had to become this very kind, loving and caring person. 

But he didn’t understand what love was, and it made him so angry. 

On the night that George died, my father’s friends started attacking him.

They called him a “man-beast” and “man who killed babies”. 

I don’t know if they knew that my father was a trans person, but I felt like that was the first time that I had ever felt hatred towards my dad’s friends. 

Eventually, my dad died. 

Did you feel the need to transition as a result of your father’s death? 


Was it difficult? 


Were you aware that your parents had a relationship with a woman? 

Yeah, I knew that I liked men. 

Do you still feel the same way? 


Have you ever been bullied at school? 

Never. Does

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