Why did this mother die so soon?

Posted February 06, 2019 12:01:23When you’re pregnant with a baby, your life is about to change.

And you’re going to feel a lot more like you’ve just experienced something extraordinary.

Life’s short.

The first day of the week feels like the start of the longest week of your life.

Your brain is in turmoil.

Your blood pressure and heart rate are rising.

Your heart muscle is in pain.

Your body feels sick.

It’s not what you’d call normal.

Your blood pressure is high.

Your heartbeat is pounding.

Your skin is hot.

You have diarrhea.

Your eyes are red.

Your tongue is swollen.

Your arms are numb.

Your legs are stiff.

Your voice is shallow.

Your mood is grim.

Your skin feels hot.

Your body feels hot and you’re in a very uncomfortable state of undress.

You’re exhausted.

Your mind is clouded.

Your whole body is feeling tired.

Your voice is shaky.

You feel nauseous.

Your mind is foggy.

Your breathing is shallow and labored.

Your pulse is shallow, rapid and shallow.

Your heart is beating irregularly.

You are in a state of extreme discomfort.

You have a headache.

You feel hot and cold.

You’re tired.

You’ve vomited.

You smell like rotting meat.

You can barely stand.

Your teeth are gnarled and bleeding.

Your lips are dry.

You vomit blood.

You scream.

You cry.

You lie there.

You don’t know how to feel anymore.

Your emotions are completely off.

You aren’t able to sleep.

You start thinking about death.

You are afraid of dying.

You know you’re about to die.

You wonder how long you’ll be able to last.

You don’t have any idea how much time you’ve spent with your baby, and what you’ll have left.

You think you’ve died.

You look at the baby you love and realize you have no idea what’s going on.

You watch your belly swell.

You think your belly will burst.

You’ve just given birth to your child.

You hear the door slam.

You look up and see the baby is in the room with you.

You remember you can see the face of the baby in your mind.

You turn and walk away from the baby.

You walk back to the room.

You realize you’re too far away.

You haven’t gone back.

You realize you’ve been so close that you’ve lost your balance.

You fall and fall and tumble.

You catch your breath.

You hear the baby crying.

You smile and smile and laugh.

You run back to where you were and look for the baby again.

You reach for your baby.

You pick it up and feel its warmth.

You cry again.

You try to put the baby down but it’s not there.

You walk away.

You fall back down to the ground and you feel the baby tugging at your skin.

You scream again.

Your chest is tight and you have to cry harder to keep from throwing up.

You start to panic.

You grab the baby and drag it away.

The baby starts crying again.

The doctor runs to the bed.

He’s in a panic.

You ask if he can help you.

The doc puts a hand on your shoulder and says, “Baby, don’t be afraid.”

You’re relieved.

You put the newborn down on the bed and hold the baby with one hand.

The other hand is on your stomach.

You take your baby’s mouth in yours and you say, “You’re safe.”

The baby laughs.

You hold it and look at your belly.

You say, ”Baby, are you okay?

“The baby says, ”Yes, Daddy.

Daddy’s here.

Daddy loves me.”

The doctor tells you he has to go to the hospital.You say,  “I’m going to the doctor right now.

What’s going to happen to me?


The doctor says, “You’ll be okay.

Daddy will take care of you.”

You cry again and cry louder.

You tell the doctor, ”Daddy’s gone.

Daddy has taken care of me.

Daddy can take care from now on.

I’m not going to have a baby.

I’ll never be pregnant again.

Daddy’ll take care, too.

“The doc leaves and you cry.

The doctor says he’s going back to his office.

You go to your mother.

 You feel sad.

You need to cry.

You go to see your mother and tell her.

She doesn’t know what to think.

You see her at work and she doesn’t recognize you.

You talk to her for a while and you tell her that you think you’re okay.

She smiles at you and says she’s proud of you.

She tells you she loves you.

She tells you to stay home with your child and take care.

You stay home for the next few days.

You meet your friend,  who’s also in a wheelchair.

She asks you what

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