Rocko’s Modern Life, the Life Vest that is 2017, is now available in stores

Google has released the Rocko-inspired Life Vest, a wearable device that allows users to record and share their lives in a 360-degree fashion.

The Life Vest is the product of an eight-month collaboration between the company and Rocko, the world’s most famous athlete and actor.

Rocko and his team developed the Lifevest from scratch using cutting-edge technology, and the new wearable is a collaboration between Rocko and the company’s technology partner, iRobot.

“Rocko’s design is timeless and timelessly simple, but it’s still wearable,” said Rocko.

For the LifeVest, the company has partnered with iRobots own LifeVeg, a LifeVester with a smart watch attached.

This means users can track their steps, calories burned, heart rate and more in real-time.

It’s not only a fitness tracker, but a complete home assistant.

The LifeVesses can also track your mood and life goals.

For example, users can ask questions to Rocko like, ‘what’s the weather like today?’, ‘are you having a great time at the beach?’, and more.

There’s also a ‘LifeVest app’ which lets users take selfies, upload videos, share photos and listen to music.

According to Rock, the new LifeVes are a collaboration with the best in fitness and health technology, which means they have a real-life potential for life-saving uses.

But while the Life Vests are a good example of the company doing something different with its hardware, it also shows how it is constantly looking to improve its software and apps.

A new feature in the new product, for example, is that users can share and review their own experiences using the app.

Apple’s Siri and Google’s Google Assistant are already available for the Apple Watch and the Google Pixel smartwatch, respectively.

These products are just one part of a larger effort by Google to keep pace with the times, which includes a new hardware strategy and a focus on its mobile platforms. 

The company recently introduced a ‘Smart Home’ initiative that aims to improve the user experience of its products through the use of smart home technologies and cloud computing.

Google recently introduced its own smart home device called Nest that connects with your home Wi-Fi network to create and control smart home appliances, and it is planning to release an all-new smart home product in the next couple of months called Home Assistant.

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