‘Life in prison’: Australian’s life after death

A man who was arrested in a police sting in 2014 for allegedly sexually assaulting an unconscious man in his home has been sentenced to 20 years in jail.

Key points:Timothy Kaunda pleaded guilty to sexual assault and was sentenced to life in prison on FridayA judge sentenced him to 20 per cent of his previous fineThe judge said it was “not reasonable” for a person to be sentenced to “life in prison”A Melbourne man was arrested for allegedly raping a man in a bedroom at his home in October 2014.

Mr Kaundas family members had been in court to watch the sentencing.

“You’ve committed this terrible crime and you have shown no remorse,” Judge Michael Goss told Mr Kaundac.

“This was a heinous act and a terrible crime, and I do feel that it is reasonable for you to be convicted of that crime.”‘

A nightmare’Timothy was released from prison after serving just under two years in prison in January.

But on Friday he was given a life sentence for sexually assaulting a man while he was unconscious in a locked bedroom.

Judge Goss said the “nightmare” that he faced after his release from prison was “unbearable”.

“You have not made any headway with your rehabilitation and the time you’ve spent behind bars, I know you will not make any headways,” he said.

“It is a nightmare and a nightmare is life.”

Mr Kuddas’ father, Michael, who was not at the court, told the ABC that he believed his son would be released into the community soon.

“I’m really, really relieved that my son is getting out of there,” he told the Nine Network.

“He was an innocent man and he was innocent of what he did.”

There was no reason to take him back in prison.

He’s done what he was meant to do, he’s rehabilitated, he has learned his lesson.

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