How to find the best live music venue in the US, live and on the go

In the early hours of the morning of August 1, 2001, as the nation awoke from a long day of work, I sat down with a colleague at a Starbucks in downtown Manhattan and sat down to do a quick Google search for the best place to live in the United States.

The question stuck in my head for weeks.

Is there any way to know if a venue is worth visiting if you don’t have a plan to make the trip to New York City or San Francisco?

I couldn’t think of any.

The answer came to me after I saw a Facebook post by a friend of mine.

“I know this sounds obvious, but you have to go to live music venues if you want to make a good life,” she wrote.

“When I say you have no plan, I mean it.”

That was a rough year for live music in America, as touring musicians like Phish and Pearl Jam lost key touring slots, a massive wave of touring musicians and record labels cut deals with major labels, and the death of longtime producer and star Phish bassist Jon Fishman led to a host of new music genres and styles.

Live music in the U.S. is also in decline.

The number of concerts performed per year dropped by 13.9 percent in 2016, according to Nielsen Music.

The year before, the number of events was up by nearly 25 percent.

Even before the Trump administration took over the reins of the entertainment industry, the U-verse TV market had been on a tear for more than a decade, and while that trend was largely lost in the upheaval of the Trump era, the trend is still visible in 2016.

In the U, there were an estimated 13.2 million U-vites in 2016 compared to 12.6 million in 2015.

But even as live music has begun to recover, the industry is still struggling to compete with traditional media and online streaming services.

This has created a need for venues, venues that host events for fans to bring in new customers.

And that’s where live music is in trouble.

“There are still so many places that want to have a live music event,” says Paul Bixenspan, the president and CEO of the Live Music Industry Association.

“And those are the places that can really make a difference for the performers, the fans and the communities.”

So while a lot of places are trying to figure out how to create a better live music experience for fans, many of them have to start somewhere.

The Live Music Economy is a nonprofit that promotes the economic benefits of live music.

The organization works to find venues that provide live music to the public.

The organizations goal is to improve the lives of people who attend live events.

For a city that is in the midst of an economic crisis, the Live Entertainment Industry Association has an opportunity to help save the industry and the economy of the city.

“A lot of people are concerned that live music will go away in this country,” says Bixen.

“But we have to keep it going.

We have to create an environment that keeps people in this city.”

This article originally appeared on Mashable.

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