Live: The Tree of Life

The Tree is the oldest living tree in the world.

The roots of the tree, which dates back to a time when life began, still grow on top of the ground.

It’s a sign of how much we care about each other and we should respect that.

The tree is the centrepiece of the live Life Church’s Christmas tree ceremony in Melbourne.

Photo: Supplied The tree of life is the only living living thing in the Tree of life in the Living Tree Church’s Sydney, NSW branch.

This Christmas the church is putting up a tree in its Christmas tree room, where it will be a part of the Live Life Church service.

“Christmas is about us being part of a family and that is what we are here to do,” said Live Life pastor Paul Fauve.

The live church has been holding events around the world, including a trip to the United Kingdom, where the live church performed a live Christmas service for the Queen and Prince Charles.

Live Life Church is the first church to be recognised as a living church.

A live service for a living person means a person can receive a blessing from a church member for living.

It’s important to live life in a loving way.

It means we respect each other’s needs, beliefs and our own desires, Fauvie said.

Fauve said Live God Church was not the only church to hold a live service.

They also held a live Easter service for children in 2016 and another for people over 60.

He said people could expect a Christmas service from Live Life in 2019.

There are many churches around the globe that hold services in a similar way to Live Life.

At the centre of the Tree is a sign with a tree on top.

It tells the world that we are all one.

On the top is the word, the word of God, and the tree stands for life.

Every year there are people in Australia who are living in the tree of LIFE, said Pastor Dave Fyfe, a Living God Church minister.

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