Tomodachi Life: 3 children saved by a new life jacket

Posted October 10, 2018 12:01:16 TOMODACHI, Japan — Three days ago, Tomodachis life jacket was stolen from the house where his father is a teacher.

The children are safe, but the life jacket is still in the family home.

Tomodachi is the third-largest city in Japan and the fourth-largest island in the world.

The boy, a 15-year-old from Nagano Prefecture, is a member of the military and lives with his father and two older sisters.

They live in Tomodochis neighborhood in a small town outside Nagano.

The family used the life jackets as their primary protection during their trek from the city to their family home in Miyagi Prefecture.

Tomodacchi residents are known for being well-prepared for any disaster.

In a recent video, a Tomodakidō, an elite police unit that patrols and arrests dangerous criminals, showed Tomodactics family how to carry the life vests in their hands and how to use the life-size protective shields.

The Tomodakers were so confident in their ability to protect themselves that they didn’t need the life zips that they carry on their person.

Tomods life jacket saved the life of his father, Yoshimi, and three of his sisters, ages 10, 8 and 5, who were living in the same house.

Tomodachi police Chief Akira Shimizu says the boys life was saved when Tomodadai, the life vest that protects the life from the sun, broke free of the protective material and slid on the pavement.

Shimizu said the boys had been using the life suit to protect them from the heat.

The family was able to keep their family together, Shimizu told NBC News.

“It was so hard for them to get home and get the life in their arms,” he said.

“They were just trying to protect their parents.”

When the family returned home, they found their belongings had been stolen.

The boys’ mother took them to the police station and the police arrested the thieves.

In a video posted on social media, a local police officer said he wanted to thank the family for keeping their children safe during their journey home.

According to the local police, the family’s belongings had all been taken.

The family said they were grateful to the Tomodas for protecting them.

The young family is now preparing for a trip to Miyagi.

Shimizu said he hopes the incident will serve as a lesson to all Japanese families about life jackets.

I hope this incident will be a reminder for people to be cautious and to think about how they protect themselves,” Shimizu added.

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