What if a duck’s life was a cartoon?

With no more words or images to describe it, the duck life, once known as the “dinosaur egg” has been reduced to a series of cartoon animations and short films that have been shared on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

Posted to the ducklife website by a group of duck owners, the short film, Duck Life 3, follows a group called the duck-tossers as they travel through the world to pick up and hold their favourite duck eggs, while avoiding predators.

The group has since shared more than 7,000 short videos on their Facebook page, which has nearly 100,000 followers.

“We’re doing it for the fun of it,” one of the duck owners told ABC News.

“We’re getting away with it.

We don’t care if people think we’re a little bit stupid, we’re just trying to help our duck.”

While many of the videos have been viewed more than 10,000 times, a few have been removed, and the duck Life website is now redirecting visitors to its official duck life page.

The videos have garnered an online following of over 10,500, with many of those fans saying the videos were inspired by real duck life events.

The duck life website’s official Facebook page also posted a link to the video on Wednesday night.

“Duck Life 3: DuckLife 3: The Duck Life That Was” features a cartoon version of the life of a duck, along with images of the birds that the duck lives with.

“You’re a duck,” the video reads, as the characters duck.

“Your life has no meaning.

The only thing that matters is to have a fun day.”

DuckLife 3 is also a video that features a duck-themed cartoon, with one character dressed as the duck’s mother, who gives the children advice on what to do with their duck eggs.

“A duck lives,” the cartoon reads.

“The duck will die if the egg isn’t picked up.”

The duckLife website is also sharing a few more of the animated duck videos, including one that shows the birds as they make their way around the world.

“In a little more than a month, we’ll be flying over New Zealand, taking photos and filming all sorts of things,” the duckLife account reads.

“That’s just part of the fun.

We hope you’ll enjoy these videos and stay tuned for more as we continue our journey.”

The video also shows a cartoon of a penguin as it is being held by a duck.

“I’m glad you liked it, penguin!” the duck says, as it passes the penguin.

“I’m really proud of you.

You’ve earned your place in the duck world.”


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