How to survive a life-threatening water leak

A life-saving leak at the CSX Railroad’s Boston Life Park is causing serious damage to the life of dozens of visitors, including two people in wheelchairs.

A life guard at the park confirmed the news Friday evening, with the death toll set to rise as more information is available.

A lifeguard aboard the train, who declined to give his name because of the nature of the leak, said the leak began at the life guard station.

The leak began in the morning, with a fire alarm going off, he said.

“We got a call from the lifeguard station at about 2:15am, and it was a very loud fire alarm.

We had no idea how big it was, but it started.

We got a life guard in there who had been there for 20 minutes, and she called me and said it was getting really bad,” the lifeguards said.

They then heard another life guard on the scene, who said the water level was getting worse.

The life guard said he was able to get some water to the person who was in wheelchair.

The person was in an assisted living facility, but that was the extent of the damage to their condition.

The other person was taken to an area hospital, but there was no immediate word on their condition, the life guards said.

The CSX railroad has confirmed the leak is life-related.

The station’s life guard, who is not authorized to speak to the media, said he’s not aware of any injuries.

The lifeguard was told to leave the station and the train was immediately shut down.

He was able for a time to get people out of the station, but they were still in the water.

The water level rose rapidly and the fire alarm sounded, and the life preservers went into overdrive, the guard said.

He said he tried to get the fire department on the phone, but he couldn’t get through to them.

The railroad issued a statement saying, “We are grateful for the quick response by the life-guard.

We continue to work to keep our customers safe.”

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