What is it about a young boy who lost his family that changed his life?

A boy in a small Manitoba town has the rare ability to change the course of his life in a single day.

The boy is known as The Kid and is the youngest living person to have his family lost to a natural disaster, The Associated Press has learned.

The story of The Kid began nearly two decades ago when the family of 12-year-old Brandon Gaultier was living in a trailer on a small farm in the small Manitoba community of La Petite St-Laurent.

The family was not only homebound but also had been without electricity for several months because of a power outage caused by an ice storm.

Brandon’s older brother was diagnosed with brain cancer and the family was facing financial hardship.

The Kid was in a wheelchair, his hands were swollen and he was in intensive care for two weeks after he was discovered.

He was brought to hospital and put on ventilators.

Doctors told the family that he could have a heart attack, but they did not tell the Kid that they were going to be able to save his life.

The next morning, his brother woke up in the ICU, covered in ice, and doctors told the Kid he was going to die.

His family called 911, and a paramedic was able to lift him out of the water.

The boy had a severe brain injury and doctors say it took almost a year to save him.

He lived for three weeks, recovering at home, with the support of his grandparents, who supported him financially and with emotional support.

After the boy’s death, his family started an online fundraising campaign to help the community.

They also began a search for a family member who could have assisted the family in their search for the lost family.

A couple of weeks ago, they found a family friend in the community who wanted to help.

Since that time, the family has started a GoFundMe campaign to raise money to help pay for funeral expenses and funeral costs for the family.

“Brandon’s death was a shock and a shock for the entire community.

It was a total shock,” said Barbara Hickey, a local nurse.

They are asking for $5,000 to cover funeral costs and burial expenses.

Hickey said she would be able pay for her own funeral, but has been overwhelmed with donations from around the world.

She said it’s heart-wrenching for them to hear that people are asking to donate money.

“I can’t thank them enough for this.

It means a lot to us,” Hickey said.

“It means a tremendous amount.”

The Kid is now living with his grandmother in a family home in St-Henri-sur-Loire, where they are expected to have him in a few weeks.

“We are all very grateful for the support that the community has given us, but at the same time we know that it’s going to take a long time to come back from this loss,” Hipple said.

On Tuesday, Hickey plans to take The Kid to a memorial service.

Brandon was a talented soccer player at La Petit St-Laurie in a high school soccer league, and went on to attend St-Charles-de-Beauce High School in La Petita.

He started playing soccer at a young age and was very popular in the neighbourhood, where he played for the French national team, and was also on the Canadian team.

He played for two seasons at La Belle, before moving to the University of Guelph, where his coach noticed his talent.

After graduating, Brandon enrolled at La Guelie, where many of his friends from La Petites soccer team attended.

He then joined the La Belle Soccer Club and was one of the best players in the school.

“It’s a very special place.

It’s a family atmosphere,” Higgs said.”

He’s a wonderful kid, a wonderful person.

I’m sure there are going to have people from across the country that are going through this, just like there were people in the first place.”

Brandon’s mother is an architect and the couple live in a detached house with their son.

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