Hi everyone!

Hope your weekend went well!

I spent a lot of my weekend setting up this blog from scratch. If you’ve seen the previous version, you’ll know it was crappy.

It’s called, “Choose An Inspired Life” but there was an ulterior motive behind it, which was to try and make money from the blog.

I know there’s nothing wrong with wanting to earn money but I have always been someone who gives value first and not expecting something in return.

So, trying to earn from ads for products I did not own but thought would be in demand didn’t resonate well inside me. I did the work but my heart just wasn’t into it.

It resulted in an uninspired blog, which is ironic when you consider the title, and before long, I too became unenthusiastic and the blog was neglected.

Money is important and anyone who knows our current financial situation would expect me to be hustling everyone for money, but that’s not who I am.

I am most happy when I put people’s interests before my own. I realized that a long time ago that good things happen when I am there for others.

It’s why I was happier interacting with strangers on Facebook and volunteering than working on my blog.

This is my inspired life. To be able to make a difference in the world, however small. Teaching children to put plastic waste into plastic bottles, helping them grow vegetables, and making people feel good.

That is why I have restarted my blog, and God made sure I did it from scratch. The earlier website was corrupted and I had a new blog installed, and went through the whole process from nothing.

This time, I’m devoting it to sharing stuff that will inspire. No more ads. Just giving as much value as I can.

And I’m not doing it all by myself. I will be featuring stories from people like you, who have an experience that you feel will impact another life.

It’s still in its infancy so please check back or visit my Facebook page where I will provide updates. The page will also be a community collaboration, meaning you can post stuff there too, as long as it is positive.

I hope you’ll be a part of this new community and spread your brand of inspiration with others.

Thank you in advance. I love you guys!

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