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Hi, I’m Kenneth.

I’ve always wanted a simple life away from the rat race and in 2014, circumstances nudged me to finally break away from a life of constantly working for money.

Part of this blog is about how my wife Hana and I made the challenging transition from living and working in a city, to building a new life in a village outside Chiang Mai city in Thailand.

Accompany us on our journey from a commercial existence to a sustainable life. It is the culmination of a dream I had as a boy growing up watching the Ingalls family on “Little House on the Prairie”.

We are starting from zero, having used up all our savings in the first few years of moving here, and we are relying on nothing but faith in God, and being grateful for everything we have.

Join us in our search for a piece of land on which we will build a home with our bare hands and cultivate a self-sufficient garden from scratch. Our goal is to minimize wastage and reuse everything that would otherwise end up in a landfill, and we will share ideas we have learned.

The rest of this blog is for everyone who needs inspiration and wishes to inspire others.

Come and share experiences and ideas that will help lift others and feel the love expressed by our brothers and sisters.

If you have stories of people who inspire others, this is a good place to showcase their contribution to the community.

Please like and share this page with everyone who can benefit from positive energy.

Although I believe in freedom of expression, please keep this a ‘safe’ space, free of negativity.

Keep your comments positive and supportive. There are other avenues to vent one’s frustrations. Don’t do it here.

That said, I look forward to your participation and I hope you will enjoy your experience with us.

You can have an inspired life, if you choose to!

Feel free to contribute by sharing your story if you wish to inspire others.

Remember to choose an inspired life. We did.

Kenneth & Hana

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