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My Confession

Friends, I have a confession.

Please don’t judge me. I’m only human.

I’ve got a new fetish. At night, while Hana’s asleep next to me, I’m on my tablet looking, and drooling at pictures and videos of exotic models.

I can’t get enough of the sleek, sexy models, some with their tops down, basking in the sun.

Can’t wait for the opportunity to get up close and just run my hands over them.

Possessing one is currently out of the question, but I can dream, can’t I?

I love all of them especially the Italian models, but the Lamborghini is still my dream car!

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How To Get Through A Rough Patch In Your Life

Hi peeps!

Sorry, I haven’t been posting often. Lots to do now.

It’s an interesting phase! Am laying the groundwork for an exciting project that has been in the idea stage for almost a year.

I faced several hitches earlier on, but God has provided solutions to all of them, one at a time. More pieces of the puzzle are fitting into place now and I’m grateful every day.

I’m sharing this for those who are going through a rough time and feeling that their prayers are not being answered.

Trust me, God is always answering your prayers, except that more often than not, He doesn’t give you what you ask for in the exact manner you expect. And in the timeframe you want it.

Many people close to me ignore me when I speak of believing in God because it appears that God has not helped me. I don’t blame them.

As a mere observer with their own perception of God and me, it does seem to them like God is not in my life because I’m still not financially stable and my physical existence remains ‘unchanged’.

That’s far from the truth. My truth anyway.

I admit if one looks at what we have, materially, we have little. But God is always present in our lives.

We see and feel His presence in everything. From the love we share, the peace and laughter that fills our hearts and home, to the ‘miracles’ and angels that appear at the right time.

I know it’s not easy when you are struggling and want quick relief, yet ‘nothing’ happens. I used to be stressed too.

Then I faced situations where I had no control over. My parents’ health issues. Where all I could do was pray.

It was during one of those worrying moments that I realized that if I could turn health issues over to God and expect Him to work His miracles, I should be able to do the same with all problems.

What I am saying is that we have to believe that whatever we leave up to God, He can and will be there for us.

And, contrary to certain beliefs and teachings meant to undermine us, EVERYONE is deserving of His love. Only humans withhold love. God doesn’t.

With that in mind, I know you will begin to see God’s presence in your life. All the time!

It may not be the car you need for work, but it may show up in someone offering you to carpool with them. Or a part-time job that puts food on your table while waiting for the job you’ve applied for.

You may go through medical emergencies, but with no serious implications.

An IRS refund check arrives in the mail just when you need money for an unexpected expense.

I could go on and on, but I prefer you notice these occurrences in your life, as everyone has different circumstances. They will be there if you look for them and not focus on reasons why life continues to be rough.

If you’re still reading to this point, I thank you. When I am inspired, which is every time I speak of God, words just flow.

I hope that something in what I’ve shared will offer you some respite while the total solution to your life’s challenges is gestating.

Every pregnancy is different. For humans, it’s 9 months, while for an elephant, it’s close to 2 years!

However, the final result is nothing short of miraculous! 

Have a Kenneth-free weekend! LOL!

P.S.  I will share what I am working on very soon.

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About This Blog

Hi everyone,

I hope your week is going well. I’ve been busy with a lot of things. More as this blog progresses.

Today, I’d like to tell you about this blog and why I set it up.

When I first had the idea to start a blog, I wanted to do it to make money online. I used to read stories of how moms made $10,000 a month from their blog and thought how great it would be to earn that kind of money working on my computer.

The steps were the same. Choose a money-making niche and use the many ways of monetizing the blog.

Sounded simple enough. So I tried it. And failed miserably.

I just didn’t have the passion and drive to create and maintain a blog geared towards making money.

Instead, I was having more fun on Facebook, writing about my life and the lessons I’ve learned from my experiences. And people were responding positively to my posts.

I wasn’t making money and I didn’t care!

I was excited that I was making a difference in people’s lives and that gave me so much satisfaction and joy. It was something I have always wanted to do.

Helping others need not involve giving financial assistance, although it is one of the ways. What many people want and need is a kind shoulder to lean on, compassion, love, among others, which money cannot buy.

I feel the same way. I treasure what I call, ‘blessings’, which cannot be valued in dollars and cents. I will share in future posts what those ‘blessings’ are.

So, that is why I’ve decided to expand my reach and hope to touch more lives by sharing my stories and thoughts on this new and fresh blog.

I hope you’ll stick around for awhile before you decide if this is for you. Please feel free to offer your insights and share your personal stories so that others may benefit from your experience.

After all, it is better for us to learn from the experiences of others without having to go through such trials ourselves.

Until my next post during the weekend, choose an inspired life!




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A Fresh Start

1 June 2018

Hi friends,

If you have been following me since I started this blog a few years ago, I apologize for the frequent lack of activity.

I’ve decided to revive this blog to share the lessons I’ve learned from my experiences in recent years, most of all, my decision to choose an inspired life.

The past 6 years have been very rough for me and my wife. I won’t go into details now, but for most of that time, we allowed our issues to get in the way of living each day as we should – with love and hope.

We even allowed external factors to affect our relationship. For a long time, all we could see and think about were the problems which caused us to lose our home and all our savings and threatened to ruin our marriage.

Looking back, I’m glad I was pushed against the wall with no place else to go as it forced me to let go of trying to control and solve everything myself.

I began to trust God and leave it all to him.

Miracles happened. I call them ‘miracles’ because the things that began to work in our favor, were beyond anyone’s control.

My story will unfold as I continue to share my experiences.

I plan to write daily and use this blog as my personal diary. You will learn more about me, mostly the new me, but most of all, I hope you’ll find an idea or inspiration that will make a difference in your life.

Until tomorrow, choose an inspired life!


P.S.  The aesthetics of this website are still a work in progress. I chose to focus on what I feel is more important than the appearance. The content.